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Here at Keyboard Magic we offer a wide range of different guitar styles and genres. We have highly competent staff that will be able to teach at any level from beginner to advance.

Our Contemporary style using plectrum is taught on either Electric guitar or Acoustic Guitar (Steel). This style is usually associated with artists such as Taylor Swift, Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, and John Petrucci just to name a few. Plectrum Guitar will allow the student a choice of various genres including the following – Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Metal and Jazz. We cover all technique and offer complete mastery of the fretboard.



Classical Style will be taught using a Classical Guitar (Nylon). This style of play is usually associated with Classical, Spanish and Flamenco music. Here the student will learn the use of picking with their fingers. Associated with this style of music include artists such as Mozart, Bach, Paco de Lucía and Juan Martín just to name a few.




We also teach Bass! Bass forms part of our Rockschool division and is a contemporary instrument. We offer any contemporary style from Rock to Metal from Jazz to Funk and everything in between. We cover all technique and teach exciting repertoire that follow the Rockschool Guide line. We offer Bass that incorporates Slapping and Popping as well as finger styles. Alternatively, if one likes heavier styles of music which requires galloping, the use of pick is also taught.


victor_wooten_BAssmark_bassSteve HarrisMichael 'Flea' Balzary

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